2018 KPA Elections: RESULTS!

The 2018 KPA Elections were record elections. We had a record number of candidates and a record turnout of 173 voters! A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in all capacities with the KPA in recent years and has helped strengthen the KPA and the work it does to represent postgraduates and their interests here at Keele.

After the 2018 KPA Election the following candidates were elected for the next academic year:

President: George Blake
Vice-President: John Wootton
Association Secretary: Roxy Birdsall
Equality & Diversity Officer: Sohpia Hayat Taha
International officer: Kristine Vu

A huge congratulations to those who were elected, and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. Good luck with your times in officer next year!

The breakdown of the results can be found below:


Votes Cast: 173
Spoilt: 40
Votes Needed to Win: 67

Round 1

George Blake: 115
RON: 18

George Blake is elected


Votes Cast: 169
Spoilt: 31
Votes Needed to Win: 69

Round 1

John Wootton: 119
RON: 19

John Wootton is elected

Association Secretary

Votes Cast: 165
Spoilt: 20
Votes Needed: 73

Round 1

Greenie: 43
Roxy Birdsall: 39
Chris Murphy: 33
Ashleigh Hastings: 16
RON: 7
Martin Goodhead: 7

RON & Martin Goodhead are eliminated and their votes redistributed

Round 2

Greenie: 43
Roxy Birdsall: 40
Chris Murphy: 36
Ashleigh Hastings: 17

Ashleigh Hastings is eliminated and her votes are redistributed

Round 3

Roxy Birdsall: 47
Greenie: 45
Chris Murphy: 38

Chris Murphy is eliminated and his votes are redistributed

Round 4

Roxy Birdsall: 61
Greenie: 53

Greenie is eliminated and her votes are redistributed

Round 5

Roxy Birdsall: 83

Roxy Birdsall is elected

Equality & Diversity Officer

Votes Cast: 162
Spoilt: 29
Votes Needed to Win: 67

Round 1

Sophia Hayat Taha: 111
RON: 22

Sophia Hayat Taha is elected

International Officer

Votes Cast: 160
Spoilt: 23
Votes Needed to Win: 69

Round 1

Kristine Vu: 127
RON: 10

Kristine is elected


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