A message from the outgoing President

This Friday is my last day with the KPA.
It has been a pleasure acting as your President this last year and in many respects, I will be sad to say goodbye to the role.

It has been a fantastic year, with lots to celebrate, and much to reflect on. I’ve seen the KPA move from strength to strength this year as a direct result of all the hard work of staff, volunteers, and members of our rich and diverse body of postgraduate students. The KPA’s biggest asset is all the extraordinary people that make up our community, and I would just like to take a moment to reflect on what we have achieved, and pay a special thanks to some individuals that helped along the way.

I was very pleased to see the Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year Award come to fruition, and it was great to see Gemma Scott and Kerese Harinandan awarded for their contribution to the postgraduate community. Thank you to everyone that helped to bring this award together, it is fantastic that we can now recognise the important contributions that individuals make during their (sometimes quite short!) time at Keele.

Our Clubhouse has undergone a few transitions over the last 12 months, and I am incredibly grateful to all the Staff, past and present, for their commitment to the success of the Clubhouse and its events. Special thanks are owed to Julia Lawton, who was officially appointed as Bar and Entertainments Manager in April. Julia’s hard work and passion for the Clubhouse has been outstanding, and we’ve all reaped the benefits. I know Julia will continue the hard work and will ensure the transition to the Clubhouse’s new location in the coming years will be smooth.

This July will mark 1 year since the KPA gained a Coordinator, Alison Tansey. Alison’s influence has been astronomical. Whether it’s through the KPA Bursary, Bob Beattie Award, or her various other projects, her efforts have had a profound impact on the Association, and of course it’s membership. I know I speak for all the outgoing and incoming officers when I say how much of a pleasure it is to work with Alison. On a personal note, I would like to thank Alison for the scaffolding she has provided to support my sanity these past 12 months!

Thank you to all the staff and sabbatical officers in the University and at KeeleSU for their assiduous work in the pursuit of a better student experience. A special thanks to Emily Horsfall and Daryl Ormerod for their support and efforts to ensure the KPA and KeeleSU continue to work closely, and personally for their friendship.

One final note of gratitude is owed to Ieuan Smith, your Vice-President for this last year, and your incoming President for the year ahead. Ieuan has been a great Vice-President, and I am confident he will fulfil the role of President just as well. I wish Ieuan and the rest of the incoming officers, George Blake (VP) and John Wootton (Secretary), the best of luck in for the year ahead.

Whilst this might read as a goodbye, I won’t be leaving Keele just yet, and I will be returning to my studies soon, so I hope to see you all at the KPA Clubhouse sometime soon!


Rob Meredith

Ieuan Smith Written by:

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