Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year: Winner Annoucement!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first winner and runner-up of the Bob Beattie Postgraduate Student of the Year Award, recognising the overall excellence of a member of the postgraduate community. After deliberation, the KPA Bursary and Scholarships Committee made the following awards.

Gemma_Scott profileWinner: Gemma Scott

Gemma has been an integral part of the postgraduate community during her time here at Keele. Gemma is a PhD student conducting research on women’s political activism during India’s political emergency, 1975-1977. Alongside her academic work Gemma has worked tirelessly to enhance the postgraduate student experience both academically and socially. Examples of her dedication include the establishment of the postgraduate coffee morning, a founding editor of Under Construction and taking a lead role in the running of TEDxKeeleUniversity. Gemma is a true inspiration of how an individual can enhance the experience for all and is truly worthy of this award.


Kerese HarrinandanRunner-Up: Kerese Harrinandan

Kerese is a Masters student in Counselling Psychology. Kerese has a strong sense of community and has worked hard to enhance the postgraduate community and experience for her peers. Her peers spoke highly of her support for them as individuals as well for her cohort as a whole. She regularly advocated for the improvement of facilities and events that would improve the overall experience of fellow postgraduates. In particular, Kerese was praised for her dedication for international students. Kerese is a true inspiration for how the acts of one individual, regardless how small, can have a big impact.


Best Use Of Bursary Funds

Alongside the Bob Beattie Award, the Committee also awarded the Best Use Of Bursary Funds. Every year the KPA Bursary gives out a £10,000-£12,000 to postgraduate students to support them to attend extracurricular activities, with students being able to apply for between £50-£500. This award is in recognition of an individual who the Committee felt has made the best use of the funds they were awarded.

Kara HollowayWinner: Kara Holloway

Kara Holloway is a Psychology research student who applied to the Bursary for assistance to present her research at the Alcohol Research UK Conference. Kara’s work was awarded the Ray Hodgson for Best Poster Award at the conference. Kara produced two excellent videos as a report on her use of the Bursary and showed how the help of the Bursary had been vital for her to improve her own work and to establish important networks within her field of research.

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