Bursary FAQ

This page is not intended to be read independently from the Guidance and Terms and conditions documents, but rather as some clarifying notes.

After reading these, if you have any questions, you can email kpa.bursary@keele.ac.uk

  1. Am I eligible to apply?
  2. What should I do before applying?
  3. I’m experiencing financial hardship, and I need money desperately. Can I apply to the bursary to help with living costs?
  4. How much can I apply for?
  5. What can I apply to use the money for?
  6. What can the bursary NOT be used for?
  7. Can I apply to fund an extracurricular activity for postgraduates?
  8. How many times can I apply?
  9. What does a successful application look like?
  10. When will I get paid?

Q.  Am I eligible to apply?

  1. If you are a full or part-time postgraduate student, currently registered at Keele (either taught or research included) then you are eligible. All postgraduate students at Keele are automatically granted free membership to the Keele Postgraduate Association upon enrolment, and are therefore eligible to apply.

Q. What should I do before applying?

  1. You must read the guidance and terms and conditions in full, ensuring that you have understood them. If you have any questions, you should contact one of the KPA Committee to discuss your application, or email kpa.bursary@keele.ac.uk
    It is always best to discuss your application, and any other funding that might be available to you, with your personal tutor, supervisor, or course director. There are often small amounts of money in each department that can be awarded to students to undertake some activities. Seeking these should be your first port of call.

Q. I’m experiencing financial hardship and I need money desperately. Can I apply to the bursary to help with living costs?

  1. No. The KPA Bursary is to supplement postgraduates research/learning by assisting them in engaging in extracurricular activities, not to fund the basic requirements of being a postgraduate student.
    There are a number of places you can go for help if you are experiencing immediate financial hardship. Keele University offers two routes of help: If it’s an emergency, you can apply for an emergency loan, which is often paid the same day- https://www.keele.ac.uk/studentfunding/funding/emergencyloans/
    If the situation is more long term, and you are experiencing severe financial hardship, there is the Keele University Hardship Fund- https://www.keele.ac.uk/studentfunding/funding/keeleuniversityhardshipfund/

If you have any questions about the above schemes, or simply need to talk to someone about your circumstances, do not hesitate to get in touch. The KPA Committee is always happy to provide advice and support where we can.

  1.  Q. How much can I apply for?

    The maximum that will be given to any one application is £500, the minimum is £50.
    If the total cost of your activity exceeds this amount you can state this in your application; however, you will not receive more than the maximum amount of £500.

Q. What can I apply to use the money for?

  1. There are a variety of thing you can apply to get funding for, such as –
  • UK public travel costs (standard class)
  • UK private travel (car travel paid at 45p per mile)
  • Accommodation (standard room)
  • Event fees
  • Small consumables

In order to receive funding for any of these however, you must be able to justify the activity and cost in your application.
Anything which could be considered a core part of your studies (i.e. is a mandatory part of your course, or is central to your research) will NOT be funded. This should be funded by either yourself, or you should seek funding from your department/ research institute.

Q. What can the bursary NOT be used for?

  1. There quite a few things that the bursary is not intended for. It is important that you read the full terms and conditions, to ensure your activity does not fall into one of these categories. Below are some of the more common things, but this is not an exhaustive list and any decision is at the discretion of the Bursary Disbursement Committee.

Any aspect of your:

  • First Class travel
  • Travel discount cards
  • International travel, including travel within a foreign country
  • Visa costs
  • Expenses relating to vaccinations
  • Inappropriate accommodation
  • Affiliation fees
  • Subsistence costs – i.e. food and drink
  • Equipment not directly related to your visit
  • Other costs that should be covered by your research Institute or Faculty.
  • Equipment that is not specific to your course of academic study (e.g. laptops)

The bursary cannot be used to pay for your accommodation during your studies at Keele, nor your tuition fees. Applications including this, or suspected of this, will be declined immediately.

Q. Can I apply to fund an extracurricular activity for postgraduates?

  1. No. The KPA Bursary is intended to support individuals engaging in extracurricular activities, not to support individuals/groups organising an extracurricular activity for postgraduates. If this is something you are interested in doing, however, the KPA could still support this activity (both financially and organisationally). Please contact kpa.coordinator@keele.ac.uk to learn more.

Q. How many times can I apply?

1. You are permitted two applications per calendar year, whether they are successful or not.

Q. What does a successful application look like?

  1. The Bursary Disbursement Committee has a duty to ensure that bursary funds are awarded as a priority to postgraduates who are in financial need. The application form provides a section where you can describe why you feel you meet this criterion.
    A successful application will often contain plenty of detail about what the activity is, and how this will benefit you as a student.
    In the final section, you are asked to complete a budget. A good application will show in detail what the money is intended for, with links to appropriate sources, and making use of any discounts available (such as railcards, early bird registration fees, etc.).
    An application is strengthened further by evidence that you have applied for funding elsewhere (even if this was unsuccessful).

Q. When will I get paid?

  1. Once you have undertaken the activity or made any purchases, you must submit a claim form along with full receipts. Failure to produce receipts will result in non-payment.
    Please ensure you fill in the remittance advice fully and accurately. The KPA and Disbursement Committee take no responsibility for payments made in error.

In extraordinary cases, the Committee can make payments on behalf of applicants, where costs are particularly high (for example, booking conferences, train tickets etc.).

If you have any further questions, please contact us at kpa.bursary@keele.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.