Clubhouse Relocation

Following consultation with the membership, University staff, local residents, and Clubhouse regulars the decision was reached that, provided the new venue meets the current level of provision and future demands of the Clubhouse, then the KPA Clubhouse should relocate to House 99. Chief in this decision making process was the consideration that this decision would impact on the next 25-50 years of the KPA, and this level of investment would not be available to the KPA at a later date.

Initially, the KPA were given three options: stay where we are, move to a new build in Darwin car park and move to House 99 with an added extension. After presenting the three proposals to two focus groups, one made up of postgraduate students and the other of Clubhouse regulars, the new build option was taken off the table as it was deemed to be inappropriate for the needs of the Clubhouse and its users. The University then went away and drew more detailed plans of what the House 99 option could be like, which you can see below. These plans are still in their infancy and will be subject to changes. As a result, these plans should not be taken as the final offer from the University, but they should help to inform people on what the House 99 option could offer. After presenting these plans, and the current Clubhouse plans, during consultation meetings to the membership, University staff, local residents and Clubhouse regulars, the general consensus was to move to House 99.

On this page you will see a brief overview of the House 99 proposal. It should be noted that the whole proposal is still in its early stages of development, with the potential move being at least 2-4 years away from now.

Due to the brief overview provided here, we are sure many of you will still have questions or queries relating to these proposals that we may not have addressed. We therefore encourage people to contact the Committee with any questions or queries they may have for us to answer (contact details are located below).

The KPA Committee would just like to thank you for engaging with the process and for the invaluable feedback that has already been provided. We will aim to keep keep people informed of any further developments.

Many thanks.

The KPA Committee

KPA Committee Contact Details

KPA Co-ordinator – Alison Tansey – 


House 99 Option

House 99, like the current Clubhouse, is an ex-warden’s house and therefore has a similar history and quirkiness to it. Its current footprint is smaller than the current Clubhouse, however the proposed extension would give an overall footprint similar to what the current Clubhouse has. Due to the building being of architectural interest, the extension would have to be sympathetic to the style of the existing structure, whilst at the same time being built to modern building regulation standards. This would mean that the extension would be built in a way that further extension would be a possibility in the long distant future, if that is something the Clubhouse would need and the members want. Whilst the exterior and interior would be in keeping with the building, the extension would provide an opportunity for the layout to be designed in whatever way the Clubhouse would like, which will be of particular benefit for service rooms such as the kitchen and bar. The rooms in the original building would serve as suitable seating and function areas.

The outside space around House 99 would also become space to be used by the Clubhouse and a delivery access road shall be added to come up behind the Clubhouse to drop off orders. More recent plans have suggested that parking spaces will be available for Clubhouse customers. Despite these advantages, House 99 is situated slightly further away from the centre of campus and could lose some of its connection to the heart of campus life. It is also situated closer to staff accommodation, although it has been raised this is no different to the current Horwood Bar (which will no longer exist in its current form under the University’s proposals).

H-KPA-SK-03_Proposed House 99 Contextual Plan-page-001
Contextual Plan
Ground Floor Plans
Ground Floor Plans
H-KPA-SK-02_Proposed House 99 First Floor Plan-page-001
First Floor Plans
KPA principle-page-002
Photograph of House 99 with extension overlay.
KPA principle-page-001
Photograph of House 99 with extension overlay.
















The Current Clubhouse

Many people have a strong attachment to the current Clubhouse location and the memories it holds. Everyone is aware of what the Clubhouse can offer and are currently happy with this. It is also more central to campus and more prominent and noticeable. However, under the University’s proposals the accommodation around the Clubhouse will be replaced with a car park, leaving the Clubhouse standing alone. Despite this, the car park will not aesthetically affect the view from the Clubhouse, as the car park will be situated behind the Clubhouse. As well as this, the possibilities for extension of the Clubhouse in the future are limited (with no promise of investment from the University should we choose to remain). There will be no land for the Clubhouse to expand horizontally (with it being surrounded by a car park and roads) and the building does not have strong enough foundations to be extended vertically. With the Clubhouse already at capacity, it may face problems of accommodating to the changing (and growing!) needs of its customers in the future, especially if postgraduate numbers rise.

G-EP-21_Existing Building Plans_KPA_Ground and First Floors-page-001
The Ground and First Floor Plans of the Current Clubhouse: It must be noted that these are slightly outdated and miss out certain structural changes.