Role Descriptions

Full time sabbatical positions

The President is the head of the Association and responsible for the day to day running of the KPA. This includes directing Officer activities, acting as the public spokesperson of the KPA and representing postgraduate students at all levels of the University. The KPA President is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees and acting as the final interpreter of the Constitution.

The Vice-President will cover matters relating primarily to postgraduate education, and will support and assist the president of the association in the day to day running of the KPA. The Vice-President will also act as the face and head of the association when the President is unable to, for any given reason. This includes; directing officer activities, acting as a public spokesperson of the KPA and representing postgraduate students at all levels of the university.

Part time committee roles

Please note: The role of Association Secretary is a part-time paid position – candidates can expect a small level of reimbursement for their work

Association Secretary
The Association Secretary has a number of responsibilities including all matters regarding Association membership, the creation of agendas and keeping minutes for meetings and the running of all elections of the Association as Chief Returning Officer.

Voluntary committee roles

 Activities Officer
The Activities Officer is responsible for working with the Clubhouse management and the Clubhouse sub-committee to plan and execute events designed to help support and improve the experience of postgraduates. They are responsible for drawing up events designed to provide a range of activities for postgraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and should work closely with all of the other Officers to ensure that this happens. The Officer may be required to work with KeeleSU where appropriate in order to ensure that the wide variety of backgrounds and tastes found among the postgraduate community here at Keele are catered for.

Equality and Diversity Officer
The role of the Equality and Diversity Officer is to ensure all Association activities take into account and represent the diverse population of Keele’s postgraduate community equally. The Officer is expected to engage with the University’s Equality and Diversity strategies and help to promote equality throughout the university. This position will incorporate the duties of the former Welfare Officer and Part time and Distance Learner Officer from previous committees. The Officer should work closely with the International Officer to address any issues of concern with regard to integration and cultural understanding, as well as with the many faith and gender based groups on campus to help promote their causes as well. The Officer should run at least one campaign per year focusing around these themes.

International Officer
The International Officer’s role is to ensure that all of the Association’s activities take in to account and represent International students equally. The Officer will actively engage with the University’s internationalisation strategies, helping to direct the strategy to ensure that International students are both fairly represented and that their needs are catered for. They should work to promote cultural understanding among the community, and helping International students with the transition to life at Keele, particularly during arrival periods. In addition, as a member of the Clubhouse sub-committee, the International Officer should work with the group to implement activities designed at increasing the use of the Clubhouse facilities by International students. The International Officer is expected to run at least one campaign focused around Internationalism and cultural understanding over the course of the year.

Student Trustee
The Student Trustee will chair all Association General Meetings, allowing the President to participate fully in meetings. They will be responsible for the conduct of meetings and oversee proceedings. The Student Trustee will also be a Trustee of the Association.