KPA 2017 By-Election Results!

Dear Postgraduates,

I am pleased to announce that the results of the KPA By-Election are in! It has been an incredibly successful and exciting process! I am sure you will all join me in offering congratulations to our new student trustee and officers:

Student Trustee: Liam Searle

International Officer: Kristine Vu

Equality and Diversity Officer: Sophia Taha

This election process has received an increased level of engagement with two of the three positions contested and with a voter turn out higher than previous elections! The full details of the votes cast can be found below. I would like to take this opportunity to offer commiserations to those who ran but were unsuccessful and hope that their enthusiasm and passion to improve the student experience will not diminish and instead find new ways to be expressed within the KPA or elsewhere on campus and beyond. Once again, congratulations to our successful candidates.

John Wootton

Chief Returning Officer


Vote Distributions:

It is worth noting that a candidate requires 50% + 1 vote of total votes in order to be elected.

Student Trustee:

Total Votes Cast: 146

Votes Needed to Win: 74

Round 1:

Liam Searle: 68

Emmanuel Tetteh: 44

Re-open Nominations: 11

(Spoilt Ballots: 23)

{No one elected, Re-open nominations votes are redistributed according to voter preferences}

Round 2:

Liam Searl: 70

Emmanuel Tetteh: 45

{No one elected, Emmanuel Tetteh’s votes are redistributed according to voter preferences}

Round 3:

Liam Searle: 97

{Liam Searle is elected to the position of Student Trustee}


International Officer: 

Total Votes Cast: 137

Votes Needed to Win: 69

Round 1:

Kristine Vu: 108

Re-open nominations: 13

(Spoilt Ballots: 16)

{Kristine Vu is elected to the position of International Officer}


Equality and Diversity Officer:

Total Votes Cast: 139

Votes Needed to Win: 70

Round 1:

Sophia Taha: 87

Paul Owino: 19

Re-open Nominations: 8

(Spoilt Ballots: 25)

{Sophia is elected to the position of Equality and Diversity Officer}

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