Bursary Reports

As a condition of receiving the KPA bursary, awardees are asked to complete a report on how they made use of the money.
Below you will see a few examples of these reports, and see what sort of things you could get some funding for!


Angela applied to the bursary to attend a study day in Derby entitled “Exploring Attachment and Loss with Richard Bowlby”- a unique experience to meet and hear the son of famed John Bowlby talk about his fathers work.
Here is a link to Angela’s report on her study day – Angela’s Report

Steve applied to the KPA Bursary for accommodation expenses for his trip to Australia. Steve had access to the Australia Telescope Compact Array in New South Wales, one of the largest radio telescopes in the world. He filmed his experience and edited this short video together –

Cliona used the bursary to attend a statistical analysis software training course hosted in Berlin, Germany. The course spanned 3 days and added an extra element of depth to their PhD thesis.
You can see her report here – Cliona’s Report

Robin applied to the bursary to attend and present their poster at the 44th annual British Society of Gerontology conference. This gave them the opportunity to develop presentation and dissemination skills.
See Robin’s report here –Robin Report

With their bursary award, Mate used the money to attend the European Sociological Association (ESA) in Prague, Czech Republic, where they also presented their research.
See Mate’s report – Mate Report


We enjoy hearing about what awardees have been getting up to with the funds we provide. We encourage you to get inventive with your applications, if the experience enriches your studies, and sounds worthwhile, we do our best to fund it. We also encourage creative approaches to the reports (see Steve’s report above), so get to it! There’s lots you could be doing.