KPA By-Election 2017

KPA By-Election Poster

The 2017 KPA By-Elections are fast approaching, with nominations opening on the morning of Wednesday 25th October (next week)! For this round of elections there are three positions open for nominations:

  • Student Trustee
  • International Officer
  • Equality and Diversity Officer

Nominations for the position will close at 5pm on Tuesday 31st October.


Any full member of the Association can nominate themselves for any of these positions. A full member of the Association is defined in the KPA constitution as:

  1.   A registered postgraduate student at Keele University
    and / or
  2.   An Officer Trustee of the Association

To learn more of the roles and the election process, please read the By-Election handbook. Alternatively, email the Chief Returning Officer, John Wootton, at with any questions you may have.

To submit a nomination, students must send their name, student number and the position they wish to nominate themselves for to the Chief Returning Officer, John Wootton, at


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