Lennard-Jones 24/7 Study PC Lab

Dear Postgraduates.

You may have noticed in the Vice-Chancellor’s email last night that the Lennard-Jones PC lab will be opening in the evening and 24/7 during vacation times from next Monday. In the long term, the University have also committed to investing in a space in the library that will become 24/7 all year round, however this is not due to be completed until the next academic year.
We in the KPA very much welcome this development, especially after all the campaigning we did with the University to ensure there is 24/7 study space available all year round. I, personally, am particularly pleased to see this development as ensuring 24/7 study space all year round was in my original Vice-President manifesto.
As you may have been aware, last summer we in the KPA were able to establish 24/7 study space over summer vacation and we recorded postgraduate usage of this space. We recorded over 1000 hours and we know that not all students registered their usage, meaning it is more than likely 2000 study hours took place in this study space over the summer period. We presented these figures to the University, highlighting the value of this resource to postgraduates, many of whom complete important assignments over the vacation (especially summer) periods.
The University agreed that 24/7 study space all year round was a useful resource for students and worked with the KPA to identify suitable locations for a 24/7 study space during the vacation period. The space that we agreed on for this summer was the Lennard-Jones PC Lab, with the University committing to invest in a longer-term solution for when the PC lab no longer exists.
I see this as an incredibly positive step forward in the provision of resources for postgraduates at Keele and I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for helping us help you make this possible. I also hope that this new resource will be of a great help for you all, especially those of you completing Masters dissertations over the summer period.
If you do have any questions related to this study space, please do let me know at kpa.chair@keele.ac.uk!
Ieuan Smith
KPA President
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