Meet the Committee

The KPA is overseen by a team of both full-time and part-time elected officers, drawn from the postgraduate community, dedicated to voicing the issues and concerns of students to academic and administrative bodies of the University. Members of the committee are voted in on an annual basis during the KPA Election cycle.


Robert Meredith

Rob first studied his MA in Social Work at Keele University before undertaking a part-time PhD. The focal point for his research is the representation of social work in fictional and non-fictional television and film media. Alongside this he works as a researcher on various research projects. Before becoming President, he served as Association Secretary.



Ieuan Smith

Ieuan came to Keele in 2012 and graduated in 2015 with a BA in Politics. He stayed on and did a MA in Political Parties and Elections. His research areas is into Welsh Party Politics, with a specific interest in Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales). Ieuan has previously worked as a Student Ambassador, specialising as a Heritage Guide and contributing to research into Keele’s heritage.


adam-picture Adam Balmer
 Association Secretary

Adam completed his BSc and MPhil at Keele University before going on to do a PhD in Philosophy.  His research interest is in the scientific study of consciousness and how well this area can approach philosophical questions about the nature of the mind.  He is also a sessional teacher for undergraduate philosophy and a resident support assistant in Hawthorns Hall.


Manshur Talib
International Officer

Manshur hold’s a BSc in Geoinformatics and possess a penchant for trending geospatial tools and technologies. He is currently undertaking a MSc in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology under the prestigious Keele-Kenya Scholarship. He is also an International Student Ambassador for postgraduate students.


George Blake
Equality and Diversity Officer


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