Meet the Committee

The KPA is overseen by a team of both full-time and part-time elected officers, drawn from the postgraduate community, dedicated to voicing the issues and concerns of students to academic and administrative bodies of the University. Members of the committee are voted in on an annual basis during the KPA Election cycle.



SONY DSCIeuan Smith

Ieuan came to Keele in 2012 and graduated in 2015 with a BA in Politics. He stayed on and did a MA in Political Parties and Elections. His research areas is into Welsh Party Politics, with a specific interest in Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales). Before becoming President, Ieuan served as Vice-President.



20170710_111319George Blake

George arrived at Keele in 2011 to study politics. Six years and a change of subject later he is half way though an MRes studying graphic novels. He was last year’s Equality and Diversity Officer.


20170706_125606John Wootton
Association Secretary

John completed his B.A and MRes at Keele University before starting his Ph.D. in Philosophy as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in September 2016. His research interest is in Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, specifically how virtue theory can facilitate a shift in focus away from individual actions and towards character traits with a view to better framing the relationship between social and environmental interests within environmentalism. John has also worked at Keele as a student ambassador and a mentor for the Keele E-mentoring programme.

Christopher Murphy
Activities Officer



Joyce Gyamfi
Interim International Officer

Joyce holds a BA in history and is currently undertaking an MA in Politics and International Relations (Diplomatic Studies). She is passionate about Global Health and that has influenced her current research on the International Community’s policies concerning Global Health. She also  serves as the Communications Secretary and Finance Officer for Under Construction @Keele.


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