Previous Committees

The following list is of all known KRA and KPA committee members since it’s founding in the early 1960s. Our list is not complete and we would welcome anybody who was a previous committee member or knew of previous committees to come forward and help us fill in the gaps, we’d love to have a complete record of our committee history!

It is worth noting, current committee terms are July until June the following year, however we know that in the late 1980s the terms were from March until March the following year. We are unsure on when this changed or indeed if there have been different term periods at other points in the past. Any information would be gratefully received!


Chair/President: Christopher Panton


Secretary: Mike Baldock


Chair/President: Tony Rowan


Chair/President: Gareth John Morgan
Secretary: Stephen A. Webb
Treasurer: Karla Doberstein
House Manager: Rachel Kerr/Brian Glover (Unsure who replaced the other and when, but both have been recorded to have held this post during this year.)
Social Secretary: George Kulbacki


Chair/President: Brian Glover (believed to be)
Secretary: Richard Head
Treasurer: Jeff Blackford (believed to be)

Recorded to have been on the Committee, but post held is unknown: April Thompson, Barbara Alexander, Mohammed al-Hayali, Andy Graham, Antonia Tomoszek, Raad al-Shawi, Andy Bromley.


Chair/President: Gillian Tester
Secretary: Peter Steyger
Treasurer: Tim Mighall
House Manager: Brian Glover (resigned, unsure when)/Alistair Millar (unsure when appointed)
Social Secretary: Richard Head
SU Liaison Officer: Brian Dawson
Non-Research Representative: Robert Jordan
Overseas Student Representative: Salah Mouklis (Interim)/Jaffar Alseygeh/Rina Asghar
Member Without Portfolio: Mark Higgins


Chair/President: Sarah Prosser
Secretary: Fiona Jane Goodfellow (from 21/11/89)

Known to be on the Committe at 5/10/89: Sarah Prosser, Rina Asghar, Bryan Dawson, Gordon Appleton, John Lageard, Mike Kesby.

Known to on the Committee at 11/12/89: Sarah Prosser, Gordon Appleton, Paul Brockbank, Fiona Goodfellow, Nick Warren, Dave Hindle.


Chair/President: Gordon Appleton
Secretary: Dave Harris
Treasurer: Jane Campbell
Social Secretary: Iain Cawley
SU Liaison Officer: C. Edmundson
Overseas Representative: Rina Asghar
House Manager: Tony Devery & Karambiv Singh
Publicity O|fficer: C. Richardson
Journal Editor: Nick Warren
W/O Portfolio: Steve Anton


Chair/President: Matthew Hocking
Secretary: Robert Rankin
Treasurer: Paul Usher


Chair/President: Matthew Hocking
Secretary: Robert Rankin
Treasurer: Paul Usher


Chair/President: Ross English


Chair/President: Tim Murithi


Chair/President: Terry O’Neill
Secretary: Peter Granby
Social Secretary: Vicky Weise

Known to be on the Committee: Rob Summers, Matthew Woods


Chair/President: Matthew Woods


Chair/President: Stuart Clarke


Chair/President: Jamie Cartwright


Chair/President: Dave Meredith


Chair/President: Dave Collins


Chair/President: Lucy Michael (unsure when resigned)/Kathryn Hague (unsure when appointed)
Secretary: Emily McMillan
Welfare Officer: Natasha Grayson


Chair/President: Ed Collins
Secretary: Natasha Grayson
Secretary: Lucy Michael
Welfare Officer: Anna Britton-Allen
PGR Humanities & Social Sciences: Ann McGruer
PGT Humanities & Social Sciences: Erin Mofford
PGR Natural Sciences: Montse Cols
PGT Natural Sciences: Eugene McCarthy
PGR Health: Christian Gerstner
PGT Health: Vacant


Chair/President: Michelle Stewart/David Thurkettle
Secretary: David Thurkettle/Lucinda Thompson
Treasurer: Sharlene Ting/Lucy Michael
Welfare Officer: Julie McCandless
International Officer: Davide Bruno
PGT Rep (Natural Sciences): Adam Bourne

Known to be on Committee: Leica Claydon


Chair/President: Ian Dublon
Secretary: Lucinda J. Thompson
Treasurer: Lucy Michael


Chair/President: Rohee Dasgupta
Secretary: Anne McGuer


Chair/President: Lauren Fuzi
Secretary: Juliet Yates
Treasurer: Oliver Cotterill


Chair/President: Lyndsey Ni Chonaill (O’Connell)
Secretary: Adam Sincock
Treasurer: Natalie Zadurin
Welfare: Nica Coxon
International: Basem Al-Omairi
Sports: Tim Millington


Chair/President: Tim Hinchcliffe
Secretary: Oankar Birdi
Treasurer: Sarah Watson
Welfare: Lisa Ironside
Sports: Vladimir Yordanow
International: Sajith Pothupiya
Part-time: Devika Jagwan
Envrionmental: Cheryl Ripley


Chair/President: Oliver Wakefield
Association Secretary: Lisa Ironside
Finance Secretary: Olanrewaju Sanni/Joe Turner
Student Trustee: Jack Barber
International Officer: Usman Nasir
Equality & Diversity Officer: Jamie Brocke


Chair/President: Andy Irwin
Association Secretary: Ian Mahoney
Finance Secretary: Michael Nicosia


Chair/President: Lisa Ironside


Chair/President: Jon Granger
Association Secretary: Nicola Edwards
Finance Secretary: Robert Williams
Student Trustee: Daniel Holdsworth
Equality & Diversity Officer: Kirsten Hartley
Activities Officer: Hannah Wilkinson


Chair/President: Jon Granger
Vice-President: Adam Hughes
Association Secretary: Robert Meredith
Finance Secretary: Hannah Wilkinson
Student Trustee: Julia Cowell
Activities Officer: Cengizhan Sehir
Equality & Diversity Officer: Eoin Flynn
International Officer: Erandeep Sandhu


Chair/President: Robert Meredith
Vice-President: Ieuan Smith
Association Secretary: Adam Balmer (elected Oct 2016)
Student Trustee: Catherine Reynolds (elected Oct 2016)
Activities Officer: Rebecca Rushton (elected Oct 2016, resigned Dec 2016)/Christopher Murphy (appointed Feb 2017)
Equality & Diversity officer: George Blake (appointed Nov 2016)
International Officer: Manshur Talib (elected Oct 2016)


Chair/President: Ieuan Smith
Vice-President: George Blake
Association Secretary: John Wootton
Activities Officer: Christopher Murphy
Student Trustee: Liam Searle (elected Oct 2017)
Equality & Diversity Officer: Sophia Taha (elected Oct 2017)
International Officer: Joyce Gyamfi (summer interim)/Kristine Vu (elected Oct 2017)


Chair/President: George Blake
Vice-President: John Wootton
Association Secretary: Roxy Birdsall
Equality & Diversity Officer: Sophia Hayat Taha
International Officer: Kristine Vu