The 2018 KPA Election Candidates!

We are very pleased to announce the candidates that are running in the 2018 KPA Election! In total, we have 10 candidates running for 5 positions, the most amount of candidates to have run in a KPA election for a long time. You can see the candidates for each position below, including their manifesto and poster.

Don’t forget, you can question the candidates running for your vote at hustings on Wednesday 25th April at 5pm in WM0.01.

Voting opens at 7pm on Wednesday 25th April and closes on Friday 27th April at 5pm. Remember to check your emails for your ballot on the 25th April.

If you have any questions, queries or wish to raise an issue with the running of the elections, you can contact the Chief Returning Officer at

Good luck to all the candidates and we look forward to a positive campaign!


George Blake: Manifesto & Poster



John Wootton: Manifesto & Poster


Association Secretary

Roxy Birdsall: Manifesto & Poster

Martin Goodhead: Manifesto & Poster

Greenie: Manifesto & Poster

Ashleigh Hastings: Manifesto & Poster

Christopher Murphy: Manifesto & Poster


Equality & Diversity Officer

Sophia Hayat Taha: Manifesto & Poster


International Officer

Kristine Vu: Manifesto & Poster

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