Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2016 will begin on Saturday 24th September and the KPA is ready with a wealth of events to cater to all postgraduates! Whether it be tucking into some popcorn whilst watching a film, munching on barbecued food with new friends in the sunshine or getting to know what students at Keele are already researching, we’ve got you covered! Below you can see the list of all the events that the KPA have put on throughout the week. And the best bit? All of our events areĀ FREE to attend! So pop on down and break the ice with your fellow postgraduates!



Meet the Committee

Welcome Week is not just an opportunity to get to know the university and other postgraduates, it is also a perfect opportunity to get to know the KPA as well! Keep your eye out for your Committee as they wonder about campus getting to know more about you. Remember to stop them and introduce yourself, they love to talk all things Keele and postgraduate! You can learn more about the Committee here.