World Festival Week International Postgraduate Student Profiles: Dorcas Tiwaa Addai

Our third international postgraduate profile of the week is Dorcas Tiwaa Addai

Where are you from?

I am from Ghana. A country in West Africa, that was until 1957 known as the Gold Coast due to the abundance of gold in the country. One thing that makes Ghana unique aside being the first sub-Saharan country to have gained independence from colonial rule, is the people who are very warm and hospitable.

What are you studying/researching?

At Keele, I am studying for a postgraduate degree in MA Human Rights, Globalization and Justice. My research area is into sexual and gender based violence committed by peacekeepers in conflict-stricken countries. Women’s rights and the right of displaced people affected by conflict in general are some of the core areas of my interests.

Why did you choose to study/research at Keele/UK?

Keele University was my first choice of place to study for a postgraduate degree due to the interdisciplinary nature of the human rights course Keele offers. Since, It has always been my main focus to study a Human rights related course, Keele University provided all that I was looking for – wide range of related modules from both the Law school and the School of Politics and International Relations as well as internship opportunities that give students the practical experience in the human rights field. Most especially, the environment and people at Keele makes everyone, most especially International students feel at home.

What is your favourite memory of Keele to date?

My favorite memory of Keele was the homely and kind reception I received when I first arrived in the UK and on campus. Right from the airport with the Meet and Greet team to the campus; it almost felt like home. Although, I was a bit anxious and did not know how I will settle, the warm reception made me feel as part of the Keele community from that first day.


Check in tomorrow for our final international postgraduate student profile of the week.

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